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Shenzhen city Gode precision mould Co., LTD,was founded in 2012, the existing technical personnel more than 60 , including engineering design personnel 12 and professional mould inspection personnel 3 , production line of professional and technical personnel more than 40 people, more than 80% are engaged in the export design and production technicians for many years;The moulds produced by our company are exported to Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Czech republic, Austria and other and the United States.The products are mainly automobile parts, medical, electrical appliances, electronics and other aspects of the mold;We have many sets of imported advanced production equipment, has a modern production management system at the same time, the complete product testing technique, good service skills and strong development capability, perfect after-sale service system.

General manager speech

Technology changes the encomy, integrity changes the market,our company spirit of "sincerity oriented, service-oriented, excellence, quality of survival" business philosophy,and we will clear strategy,demonstrate vision,clear relationships,maintain enthusiasm,nurture culture and stimulate vitality.Thank customers for their trust, respect for the rights and interests of customers, care about customer needs, understanding of customer concerns, to achieve customer satisfaction, and promote customer success.Sincere, friendly, warm, considerate, relaxed, considerate and tolerant. Dedicated service, professional excellence. Specialization, standardization, refinement and affection.