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Shenzhen city Gode precision mould Co., LTD

was founded in 2012, the existing technical personnel more than 60 , including engineering design personnel 12 and professional mould inspection personnel 3 , production line of professional and technical personnel more than 40 people, more than 80% are engaged in the export design and production technicians for many years;The moulds produced by our company are exported to Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Czech republic, Austria and other and the United States....

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01Powerful Production
Capacity Guarantee

Focus on precision mold business for many years,

in-depth study of industrial trends and customer needs,

Continuous innovation, and constantly improve.

02Adequate stock
spot guarantee

Achieve order, supply, after-sales service one-stop,

comprehensive, fast and fully meet the customer

in the special model and large demand.

03Powerful product research
and development support

We have 60 professional and technical personnel,

more than 80% are engaged in the export

mold design and production technicians for many years.

04Convenient logistics support

Located in the hub of traffic development,

transportation developed, convenient delivery, quick delivery,

on-time delivery rate as high as 100%.

05Modern management
system guarantee

There is a set of from the import, sales, storage,

financial management to rigorous statistical analysis

and decision-making, from customer to company

network management of the modern system.

06Technical support before
sales and after sales

Gold medal after-sales team, through professional

training service team, to solve the problem

more professional, more efficient.